Someone as stubborn as Tolstoy was right to say that music is the shorthand of emotion. Well seen, Leon . Unless we are hermits or withdraw into the desert, music will be present in our lives. Always. From the first nana to the last miserere. Between them, a whole polyphonic fan that, by choice or by conditioning, becomes our particular soundtrack. Well, making clear that music is the end, we will have to agree that technology is the medium. And the medium we will be dealing with today is the speakers and the technology, Bluetooth .


Look Mom: no cables

Until very recently, our leisure was constrained by the cables. Power cables, audio cables, video cables … If listening to music was, we depended on one that transmitted the signal from the player to our headphones or speakers. We were limited to a physical connection, a certain length, to a diminished interaction. Anachronistic solutions for what today demands the mobile life. Fortunately, modern times bring modern solutions. And here is where the Bluetooth appeared .


Bluetooth logo

Bluetooth or blue freedom

Okay, the blue thing has been a stylistic device. Because Bluetooth is not that color. The name comes from the Norwegian king Harald Blatand, Which ended up being written as Harald Bluetooth . He became famous for unifying countless tribes and converting them to Christianity. And it was his surname that was used to baptize the technology that allowed mobile phones to communicate with computers and unify wireless communications. Among others, those of the corresponding audio systems and loudspeakers.


Color Loudspeakers

Dixxo Speakers

Now I would touch a paragraph on things to keep in mind when choosing a Bluetooth speaker  . But since it’s hot and you seem anxious to get to the end, I kill two birds with one shot reviewing one of my favorites: the Dixxo of Trust Urban .

It is a Best Powered Speakers with an attractive and resistant design, 18.5 cm high (slightly more than a Monster can ) and 7 cm in diameter. It weighs approximately half a kilo, so it can be transported without having a strong lunch or danger of protrusion. It incorporates LED lights in 360Âș that are activated to the rhythm of the music, creating a festival atmosphere that Jose Luis Moreno wanted . It has a power of 10W RMS (20W peak), enough to encourage any medium stay, and a more than appreciable sound quality.


Wireless and more

Its battery of 2200 mAh guarantees an autonomy of up to 15 hours by recharge. The Bluetooth version is 2.1 (ideally a 4.0 or higher, but given the transfer rate we need, it fulfills its task with dignity). The range of the wireless connection is 10 meters, so we can pair it with our smartphone or tablet and locate where it best looks and sounds.

Apart from the Bluetooth connection , this Best Powered Speakers includes microSD card reader, USB port for pendrives and auxiliary of 3.5mm. In this way we will never be without MP3 repertoire to reproduce.

In the upper area we find the volume, multimedia, source and reception / call buttons. As you may have guessed,


Giving the note

The Dixxo Bluetooth speaker is a sight and hearing spectacle. Right now I play an old concert of Eric Clapton and the set of light and sound brings a new experience. Something that leads you to think that it is not that you have aged well, is that you have not aged. I suppose it will be merit of the guitarist, but also of the Dixxo .

You can have a look at our online store by clicking here .

And with that said, I’m going with music elsewhere.

Or rather, with my music everywhere.

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