• Once separated from the dryer body, the heads need to be cleaned individually. A hair dryer has several types of heads that fulfill different functions when drying the hair. The most common are the straightening head and the diffuser head for curly hair.
  • First we will pass a cloth to remove the remains that are embedded in the head and then proceed to place the piece under the water tap to completely clear and eliminate the lint that are more resistant.
  • Repeat the same procedure as with the filter. We will use a toothbrush to remove dirt that has not been removed with water.
  • Once the drying heads have been cleaned, we will wipe a damp cloth over its surface to rub some stain or scraps of lacquer or dyes that have not yet been detached and need to be rubbed with a cloth.
  • After the wet cleaning is finished, dry the heads with a cloth or rag to store them.


To complete the cleaning we will proceed to clean the body of the Philips Hairdryer . To do this we will use a damp cloth. We must be very careful when cleaning this piece, since it is the most important of the dryer where your entire electrical system, the buttons, the cable outlet, etc. are located. We will carefully remove any dirt or other products that are embedded in the body of the hair dryer with the help of the cloth. Once all areas of the dryer body have been cleaned, we will use a cloth or cloth to dry it.


To finish the steps on how to clean a Philips Hairdryer , we will remove the dirt on the dryer cable with a damp cloth just like we did with the dryer body. We must take special care with the cable head as this piece is in direct contact with the plug and we must not damage it. Once the cable and the plug have been cleaned, we will dry it as we did with the previous parts of the hair dryer.

After making these recommendations on how to clean a hair dryer, we have to take into account that to be really effective we must carry them out periodically to give a long life to our hair dryer.

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