When we buy a Poweramp Full Version Unlocker, whether mini-amplifier or desktop amplifier, we will find several different inputs and outputs. To simplify this topic we will focus on the headphone output and the line input.

In the headphone output, as the name implies, we will connect the headphones we want to listen to as this output is amplified and give them the power they need to sound properly.

On the other hand by the line input of the amplifier we will connect the source, which can be a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, PC, DAC, etc. If our device has line output we will use this one, since it is the one that has the least distortion when not being amplified while if we only have headphone output we will have no choice but to go die to it. Anyway the devices I have named above do not have an excessive amplification so the distortion will be equally low.

This factor becomes especially important for use with mobiles, since all the models manufactured in Europe are shipped from the factory to offer a volume that complies with European regulations. This volume is established by law at 85 dB maximum, which according to the person may seem too low for a correct hearing. Therefore, if we want to raise the volume above the aforementioned restriction and do not want to install third-party software or have to root to our device, the most comfortable and safe option is to purchase a mini amplifier to boost that volume.

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