In order to improve the quality of life of those who need to constantly monitor insulin, Roche Laboratories has developed a product worth knowing about the accuchek lancets Performance. The Accu-Chek brand   brings a series of devices with this focus, but the Performance brings a new concept, with important use differentials, mainly focused on children who already suffer with this routine of care.

The differentials of accuchek lancets Performance make it stand out in the market, know some of them:

  • Programmable alarms. Users can set up to 4 alarms for different times during the day.
  • New design. Comfortable, discreet with rubberized sides for easy handling.
  • Test means. The monitor provides an average of 7, 14, and 30 days of testing.
  • Results in just 5 seconds. More speed and practicality in the test relationship.
  • Requires minimum amount of blood (0.6μL). It decreases the risk of underdosing, facilitates the test and avoids wasting strips.
  • Battery life extended to 2000 tests. More convenience and autonomy of the monitor.

In addition, the accuchek lancets Performance brings some technical specifications that further strengthen the product’s presence on the market:

  • Display Display: LCD
  • Automatically turns on by inserting the strip
  • Automatically turns off when strip is removed (5 seconds)
  • Turns off automatically in 2 minutes if the monitor is not used
  • Power Supply: (1) 3V Lithium Battery (CR2032)
  • Battery life: Approximately 2000 readings
  • Measuring time: 5 seconds
  • Operating conditions of the system: 6ºC to 44ºC (43ºF to 111ºF)
  • Monitor storage conditions: -25 ° C to 70 ° C (-13 ° F to 158 ° F)
  • Operational variation of relative humidity: 10 to 90%
  • Memory capacity: 500 results with time and date
  • Dimensions: 93 x 52 x 22 mm (3.7 x 2.1 x 0.9 inch)
  • Weight: Approximately 62.0 g (2.2 oz) with battery
  • Data port: infrared (IV) window
  • Principle of the test: Electrochemical
  • Test Averages: 7, 14, 30 days
  • Asterisks for tests performed in LAT
  • 4 programmable alarm options
  • Hypoglycaemia warning option
  • Option for second drop of blood in five seconds, if the first drop is not enough
  • Permanent warranty of the monitor, according to user’s manual
  • Strip expiration notice
  • Sample volume: 0.6 μL
  • Capillary strips for ease of application of blood sample
  • Allows the placement of a 2nd drop of sample on the same strip, in the same test, within 15 seconds
  • Self-check system

This technical set combined with the differentials guarantee the patient a quieter and less invasive control. That’s thinking about quality of life!

The accuchek lancets Performance monitor is easy to operate and, thanks to the preset date and time, allows the user to start the test quickly. To do this, place a test strip on the monitor and verify that the code number on the display matches the code number on the vial of the test strip. The test strip and blood drop symbols appear on the monitor.

Place the drop of blood on the front end of the yellow window on the test strip – do not apply to the top of the strip. A blinking hourglass indicates that enough blood has been applied. If necessary, more blood can be applied within 5 seconds. The result appears on the monitor.

In addition to the fingertip test, the accuchek lancets Performance system can be used to test at alternate sites, including forearm, arm, thigh, and calf. Testing at alternative sites requires the use of a special lancet cap. In addition, medical monitoring is critical, only it can allow use that way.

Finally, the information provided about this product is informative and should not be used to encourage self-medication or to replace the doctor-patient relationship.

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