Toy cars arouse passion among children as one of the most sought after and most successful selling toys on the market. With them they can play for hours racing, parking, dodging obstacles, setting up a circuit, repairing them or passing them through the tunnel of washing of a fantastic car park.

Little blond boy playing with cars and toys at home, indoor.On dates designated as birthdays or Christmas, give away cars is to go on insurance and also allows you to choose from the many models and sizes that exist, but in the end will determine the age of the small and the space you have.

So if the idea is to give your kids toy cars, from Eurekakids we want to help you with some proposals that we find very interesting:

Small cars

The toy cars small are fantastic because any place is good to play: at home, in the park, at school, at home of grandparents, as we travel … Do not forget that a couple of small cars in the bag is a Very valuable resource that can help distract children at the most unexpected time.

Trains are boys best friendsThe company Janod, which makes real wonders in wood, manufactures compact cars very resistant and safe and that are painted with nontoxic paint. In wood it also has some phenomenal circuits with trains with magnetic wagons, bridges, buildings and characters of many different themes: The circus, the farm, the Far West … The children enjoy a lot with these complete sets.

The Mini Giants of Eurekakids are nice cars specially designed for babies from 12 months. They are light, with curved shapes, very cheerful colors and smiling faces. I’m sure you’ll like them.

And then there are the articulated and magnetic cars to assemble and dismount the vehicle as many times as necessary. They fulfill an important didactic function since in addition to playing, children will learn about mechanisms, screws, tools, etc.,

Medium and large cars

Big Power worker A curious detail about these cars: Children love to see and touch inside the toy big car, although it is not possible to open the door, what interests them is to place dolls inside, fiddling with the panel Of steering, the steering wheel, the seat … and is that the more realistic the cars, the better.

Big trucks like the dump truck, the fire truck or the retro-digger are great. They have a considerable size (33cm long) to play big.

And the remote control cars ? It is another classic that never fails. The children love to operate the remote and steer the vehicle. Have you ever thought that these vehicles help to perfect the sense of children’s spatial orientation? At first it is not at all easy to control the direction, the turn, the route to follow, the reverse … Again it is shown that to play is to learn.

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