Fortunately for all of us, today’s style of dress is as varied as the types of bride and groom, so finding the ideal wedding gown suit for your wedding day is a matter of going to the right place. In jack victor, we have the widest collection of grooms’ outfits from the province, classic cut, modern, different colors, designs risky … in short all the possibilities to find that option that best suits you. Jack victor suits review is excellent.

For example, one of the most booming tendencies of the 2017 weddings is the printed groom’s suits, of which today we present a small selection of some of the jewels that hides our collection.

Roberto Vicentti Costume – 2017 Groom

Geometric prints are some of the most classic styles that exist when it comes to choosing a street suit, however it is not even so common to see them in groom dresses. Being associated with street costumes, these types of prints tend to look less elegant.

However, costumes like this design by Roberto Vicentti show us the opposite. A geometric print with a cut of suit well chosen, of great design and that adapts perfectly to our figure, will always be a good choice.

This design we especially like for contrasting the print with the sober black jacket, long cut that adds a great deal of elegance to the whole.

The casual touch is worn by the handkerchief and tie with a design in small white polka dots that, despite not strictly in conjunction with the rest of pieces, completes the combination of a special and different shape without losing elegance.


In this costume is the print focuses on decorating the vest, the bowtie and the flaps.

It is a design in which it uses a thread in a tone a little lighter than the rest of the suit, so that the print stands out on the background without becoming too flashy.

This is a trend that comes very strong this year in printed groom dresses and is specially designed for modern grooms who like to put a special touch without being too flashy.

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