We will focus on those other accessories that may be needed to practice this sport or that can be a good gift for one of the many fans that has basketball, even if they do not practice it regularly. Basketball goggles are very important for this sport.

The caps are the complement “it” that can not be missing . The logos of the Lakers, Bulls, NY Knicks or Bullets put the finishing touch to the tank top and shorts over meshes that dominate the tracks and the bench.

However, the most popular basketball accessory is the laces for basketball shoes . Plans, tubular, of different materials, colors, combinable, matching … the cords are a world and transform your sneakers totally and in exchange for a very small investment. It’s time to renew yours.

Another star accessory in the basket are sports bags and sports goggles for basketball, although I prefer backpacks , for that ergonomics and care of the back. Among the latter I have loved one of Spalding’s new releases for basketball addicts, which is a backpack that incorporates a special net to carry your ball wherever you go. Good idea.

The limiting vision goggles are a good gift for perfectionists who want to improve their playing techniques. With these glasses that do not allow you to see the ball during the trip, you force yourself to keep a high eye, so use your prescription basketball goggles, the game improves remarkably. They are adaptable and are secured by a rubber , allowing freedom of movement without fear of falling at any time.

Elbows, knee pads and joint protectors , upper and lower are, along with the compressors, these accessories that can be a great success. The important thing to choose them is that they are of good quality, breathable material and that the size is correct, since otherwise its functionality would be limited or canceled.

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