It is a very versatile taekwondo shoes , for all types of runners who want something a little more serious for the mountain. With only 6 mm of drop and a relatively low profile, it is a shoe with enough response, but also cushioned and stable.

It has Continental sole to ensure grip on any terrain. It is breathable, comfortable and weighs about 320 grams, a respectable weight to be a “trailera” shoe .

  • Adidas Terrex Boost for Men

Adidas Response Trail Boost

The Response Trail , one of the shoes with more versions of the market, also joined the Boost party in 2015.

The Response Trail Boost is now a trail and asphalt mixed shoe , with a very comfortable shape and more cushioning than ever before.

The sole also has Continental material and a few spaced cleats to ensure grip on any type of terrain.

In addition, the strength of this model is in the price, which as it is reduced, makes it one of the best value for money for trail running .

  • Adidas Response Trail Boost for Men

Adidas Adizero XT Boost

One of the shoes that brought more changes in the Boost was the Adizero XT , especially in appearance, as it incorporates a pulley.

It also incorporates Continental sole and will delight trail and mountain runners looking for a lightweight model for non-technical training.

The distribution of his tacos and the incorporation in its sole of the continental compound make of the sneaker a true marvel when it comes to gripping on hard terrain, even in wet conditions. As we are accustomed to, the Continental material is anti-slings insurance.

As for the upper, the pulley and the rest of the textile make us have a very successful adjustment even without tightening the laces. Of course, the fabric is not waterproof but thanks to its breathability and lightness, it dries very fast , which makes it a great option to train when the mercury rises.

  • Adidas Adizero XT Boost for Men
  • Adidas Adizero XT Boost for women

The Boost does not end here

In the last 12 months we have seen how the catalog with Boost has doubled. Adidas is overturned with this new compound and there is hardly a model in the catalog that does not have it.

Undoubtedly, what at first seemed like a risky bet has become a success for the brand.

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