If you’ve already learned how to apply the ofra cosmetics uk foundation on your face, it’s time to know what to apply. ofra cosmetics uk Brushes, ofra cosmetics uk sponges? What options are there? Generally there are three ways to apply the base: with a suitable brush, with a sponge or Beauty Blender and with the hand. I advise to always use brushes, but let’s see the pros and cons of each and draw your own conclusions.

  1. HAND

The hand is the most classic and quickest way to apply the base. Until then we can all agree more or less, but it is not the best way. I am the first one that when he has a lot of hurry pulls his hands to apply the base, but you have to weigh if it is worth:

– In mature skins or with very marked expression features, the hands jump as they pass over the wrinkles and do not fully access areas such as nose flaps, ears or areas of that type. Because of this, areas may be left uncovered well or without fading, for example very marked pores or difficult wrinkles.

– We spend twice as much product! There are those who this point may not seem like a tragedy, but to which we are not millionaires and we like to have quality products, also that we like to last us what should last us, without wasting anything. Have you noticed that when you put the base with your hand, it is practically the same as covering the skin of the face that of the hands?



The ofra cosmetics uk latex sponges, in their multiple formats, help distribute the makeup in a uniform way and without marques, besides being generally the most economical option. Obviously for allergic to latex is a 100% disposable option, and for those who do not, we also have the combined option. Although they can be used alone to apply the base, I also use after applying the base with a brush, without taking product, to ensure that the makeup is properly blurred and without excess, especially when it is a more cover .

– It tends to absorb minimally excess product, which is fine to make sure we do not leave pegotones.

– We can use it dry for a more even finish, or use it slightly moistened for a lighter application (we spend less product and, when mixing slightly with water, we extend it better). If we choose this more natural option, give a final review without product to leave no marks.

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