The simplicity of the most basic wooden games (cubes or planchettes) is their first asset. They allow all the follies of children, without any limit. Another advantage, and size, these  toys first age or for larger, usually rank very easily. The huge tower or the gigantic castle reintroduce barrels, boxes or bins as quickly as they were released!

Imaginative and multiple, construction toys can be classic or original. Thus, there is for all desires and all tastes. From the color or “raw” wood, simple or tarabiscotated shapes, from traditional universes or from the most exuberant imaginations, the creators of these games and construction toys have decided to touch everything. Their simplicity is a guarantee of creativity and learning. So, nice and not the least, your child evolves at his own pace and the game follows him according to his progress.

Construction games for all ages and all cravings.

I repeat, the construction game is the wooden toy to have at home when you have a child (or several). Initially, we will confine ourselves to cubes and simple shapes, to stack, to embed or to type (because to return wooden cylinders in a hole with the aid of a hammer, it is the beginning of the construction !).

Consider choosing a wooden wagon to store the cubes, so you can do two in one (or several in one!), Especially at the stage of learning how to walk. Bigger, boys and girls like to try to imitate. So nothing like holes, screws, bolts, nuts, tools like dad. With a little imagination, the combination of two planchettes and a screw and its bolt becomes a magic wand, a gun, a cane, a bridge for small cars, and so on!

For the patients and the imaginative, the domino wooden ball games or ball race are awesome! In short, girl, boy, early age or early childhood, all ages are found around the construction game !

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And if you do not want the wooden construction game , there are the others.

Whether we like it or not, there is also plastic. Besides, everything is compatible from the moment you are a child! Then let them mix Kapla wooden planks with Lego or Duplo bricks, combine Janod cubes with Playmobils!

I tell you and you repeat, the advantage of the wooden construction game is that it is trans-generational (even adults try it!), Perennial because solid, easy, practical (remember It stows quickly and well) and super imaginative!

This is an original gift and inevitably beautiful (wood, it’s beautiful!), Which will please all children, no exception!


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