In case of blogging: Once AdSense started to run on your blog, then its is clear that your blog has been authorized. (This may not be true in all cases.) It is important to buy adsense account, then start to run your account and It is also important to protect the created adsense account.

First of all we will clarify that eCPM is one of the scales offered by AdSense to measure the effectiveness of the ads shown. The eCPM is the money we earn for every thousand impressions of the ads, that is, the money we receive for every 1000 times a particular ad unit is shown to users.

So if we have an eCPM of for example $ 2, that means that as we have configured the ads on our page, they are generating $ 2 for every 1000 times the ad is displayed. The eCPM therefore gives us an idea of ​​the profitability of our AdSense ads and allows us to work on those ad units that offer less profitability to try to improve it,

Before going on to explain the basis for increasing the AdSense Account’s eCPM, we need to be clear about the factors that influence the eCPM of an advertising block:

– The CTR : The CTR is the% of clicks the ads receive, the higher this is the more clicks we will reject for the same number of page impressions and therefore the higher the eCPM.

– CPC : CPC (or cost-per-click) is the amount an ad pays us for each click that is made, so the higher the CPC the greater the eCPM will be for the same number of page impressions .

That said, it seems obvious that there are two clear ways to increase the AdSense eCPM, one is to increase the CTR and the other to increase the CPC . In the previous article we talked about how to increase the AdSense CTR, there you have the basic ideas to do it. As for how to increase AdSense CPC, the next article in this AdSense monographic series will be dedicated to that, it is not yet written, but as soon as we publish it, next week, you can see it on this link: AdSense CPC.

If you read those two articles you will have the keys to increase the eCPM of your AdSense blocks, since this is nothing more than the combination of CTR and CPC , in fact, although it is always said that the eCPM is the revenue data for each 1000 impressions, I like to see it as a relationship between CTR and CPC and I use the following formula to relate eCPM to CTR and CPC:

Should we focus on increasing our eCPM?

The answer is NO, we should focus on increasing the CTR and CPC which are really the parameters on which we can work, on which we can directly influence our work. But this work to increase CPC and CPC, if successful, will result in an increase in eCPM, which is a very clear and direct indicator of the profitability of an AdSense ad unit. Let’s say that the increase in eCPM will inform us that we are working in the right direction because the CTRxCPC product is increasing, either because we are improving the CTR, either because we are improving the CPC, or both.

So the secret to increasing eCPM is to increase the Adsense CTR and increase the AdSense CPC, there is no other way, since this indicator gives us AdSense to know the money we are earning for every 1000 impressions of a Ad or ad unit depends solely and exclusively on those other two parameters, the CTR and the CPC.

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