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Nature’s Perfect Food.

    Enhances immune system, promotes better digestion, reduces serum cholesterol, protects against heart disease, increases energy, inhibits cancer in all human organs, promotes mental health, relieve PMS and reduce asthma attacks, helps with weight management, allows blood sugar to remain at a normal level. A complete source for nutrients!

  Chlorella is nature’s first and most perfect food. Chlorella is the botanical name for fresh water green algae. It is not a bacteria. It’s grown in manmade ponds and produced 100% pure, without any binders or fillers. It contains all of the essential amino acids of protein, nucleic acids, fibers, vitamins and minerals, as well as many other nutrients.

  Chlorella has a long list of health benefits, including: Enhances the immune system by stimulating the body to make more interferon. Increases the number of beneficial flora in the gastrointestinal tract, which helps in treating ulcers, colitis, chrohn’s disease and derticulosis.Promotes better digestion. Reduces serum cholesterol, which helps protect against heart disease. Increases energy. Gently detoxifies the system of built up toxins,thereby assisting the body’s ability to inhibit cancer in all human organs.

  Chlorella is also rich in magnesium, which helps promote mental health, relieve PMS and reduce asthma attacks. No cell in the body can function without this mineral. Chlorella may help you with weight management goals. Protien-rich Chlorella provides a long lasting energy source, and when taken at intervals during the day, it allows the blood sugar to remain at a normal level. Don’t Delay – Click here to “Order your Chlorella Today”

Why Wait,  Your Chorella  Now!

Chlorella Ingrediants 200 mg serving size (6 tablets 1.2 grams) Calories – .097 per tablet, Carbohydrates – less than 1g, Chlorophyll – 39.2 mg, Fat – less than 1g, Potassium – 1.2 mg, Protein – 800 mg, RNA – 48mg, Sodium – 0.0 mg, Amounts per tablet % Daily Value: Calcium – less than 2%, Iron – 31%, Niacin – 3%, Protein – 4%, Vitamin A – 33%, Vitamin B1 – 3%, Vitamin B2 – 7%, Viamin B12 – 63%, Vitamin C – less than 2%

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