Want to lose 10 pounds in 10 days? Here is the secret to doing just that..

and it is so easy. No calories or fat grams to count. No special food groupings.

No starvation.

The “DRINK YOUR BREAKFAST” concept, of which AMS Nutritionist Myrna Jo Heller has been

a proponent for so long, can be extended to “DRINK YOUR MEALS” Drink ToppFast for five days

each week and eat what you want on the 6h and 7th days. By following this program, you are never more

than five days away from your favorite meal.

And here is why ToppFast is a sure way to lose the weight: Calories must be in the body approximately

three hours in order to be stored as fat, and since liquid food is absorbed through the membrane walls and exits in

less than three hours, the body must rely on existing fat for its reserve energy. Because of this process, ToppFast shakes can be mixed with a variety of “fun” and “flavorful” ingredients for hunger and taste satisfaction without worry and excessive calories.

And, since ToppFast contains twenty grams of protein and a complete range of minerals and vitamins, the body is getting the necessary nutrients for daily function.

The best part is you can lose five pounds or more per week if you stay on this program. And remember, you can choose what you eat on days 6 and 7 WITHOUT LIMITS or GUILT. “The ToppFast maintenance program will allow you to keep the weight off.”

To successfully maintain the weight you lose using ToppFast maintenance program will allow you to keep the weight off. you can use ToppFast partial meal replacement. One or two ToppFast shakes in place of one or two meals, combined with a sensible solid meal each day, is a great way to maintain the weigh level you desire. Solid food will continue the expansion and contraction of the digestive tract, which is more practical than long-term total liquid diets, and yet the results are excellent.

For maximum benefits, add Prime One to your TOPPFAST shake once or twice a day to feel great, enhance sleep,

increase stamina, improve cellular balance, reduce fatigue, and strenthen the immune system.

This dynamic duo for weight loss – ToppFast and Prime One – is the AMS solution to the National and State obesity and excess weight health crisis. ToppFast and Prime One … a solution that is healthy, natural and as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

ToppFast is Available in chocolate, vanilla, orange creme. Get started today.

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