AM300 our Company’s flagship product, it is a natural herbal energizer and weight management supplement containing a unique blend of specialized herbs and a patented ingredient, Chromium Picolinate, a safe, effective nutrient that was originally developed by the Human Research Division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Of all the trace minerals, Chromium seems to help reduce our cravings for sweets and enable us to reduce body fat without losing lean body tissue.

Chromium Picolinate works by making your own insulin work correctly, building muscles by stimulating amino acid uptake while accelerating fat breakdown. Chromium Picolinate accelerates production
of muscle protein and helps convert fat to muscle. The AM-300 weight management program is far superior to reduced calorie “yo-yo” diets which result in the loss of muscle mass when the fat loss is regained. The results for you are more energy and the reshaping of your body to a leaner,
trimmer, and firmer new you.


Natural Appetite Suppressant

AS-200 – Natural Appetite Suppressant Containing Citrin AS-200 is a unique blend of specialized vitamins and herbs, including the patented Chromium Picolinate and Citrin, from Garcinia Cambogia [(-)-hydroxycitric acid]. AS-200, with Citrin, promotes your weight loss program by
enabling you to eat naturally while helping the body prevent the storing of fat and simultaneously curbing your appetite.

At the same time, AS-200 also provides your body with other valuable nutrients. According to Muhammad Majeed, Ph.D., the fat regulation of Citrin, or (-)-hydroxycitric acid was uncovered inadvertently in the late 1960s when scientists were scrutinizing the different steps in the citric acid cycle, or Krep’s Cycle. This cycle represents thefinal phase in the breakdown, or oxidation, of carbohydrates. AS-200 and AM-300 can be taken together to create a more effective weight management system. Many people find it very effective to take AM-300 in the morning and AS-200 in the afternoon.
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“Balance Mexican Wild Yam Cream”

Mexican Wild Yam Cream. The Progesterone Balancing Act! Nature has a way of keeping everything in balance…and our bodies are no exception. In the past century, we have learned not to accept roadblocks in our career, home, or personal life. But when it comes to the messages our bodies send
to us, we can often feel unbalanced and helpless to fight back

Most women’s bodies do not produce sufficient amounts of progesterone. Without enough of this important hormone, they may suffer from numerous symptoms, including: irregular menstrual cycles, endometriosis,
fibrocystic breasts, infertility, heart disease, leg or muscle cramps, headaches, migranes, insomnia, and pression.

Scientists have found numerous plant sources that produce a progesterone-like molecule. This molecule supplies the body with the ability to create its own progesterone or estrogen, whichever is lacking. The richest source is the Mexican wiild yam, which is used to create Balance.

When applied topically to the soft tissue areas of the skin, Balance can help alleviate those frustrating symptoms, and most importantly, it’s a natural way to treat PMS and menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and cramping. It helps to prevent osteoporosis without the side effects of synthetic
progestins, such as weight gain, bloating, or even cancer.

Osteoporosis prevention is crucial to women. It affects one in two women who are past menopause, and many of them are not even aware they suffer fromthis loss of bone tissue until they receive a hip fracture. Natural progesterone can actually help build bone back!

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